Rack Buddy


Rack Buddy dry fire training aid.



Rack Buddies come in 3 sizes.  The 9major will fit all 9mm and .38 super full sized guns.  Like the STI 2011 or others that use STI or MBX style magazines.  The 40 will fit all .40 and .45 caliber handgun magazines.  Finally, the 9 Small will fit small frame production guns like Glock, M&P and CZ.  The 9 Small will also fit most PCC magazines with the exception of Colt style mags.

What’s a Rack Buddy?

The Rack Buddy can be loaded into any handgun magazine that’s loaded with dummy rounds. By removing 2 rounds there is room to fit the rack buddy into the magazine the same way a round is loaded. This creates a tight fit against the feed lips preventing it from popping out.

Most guns cycle completely freely with a Rack Buddy loaded in the magazine..
By allowing the slide to cycle malfunction clearing, and loading drills can be performed as if loading a full magazine. A dummy round is not loaded into the chamber during cycling. This way, a dummy round doesn’t have to be unloaded from the gun, then reloaded into the magazine for another cycle of the drill.

Another bonus is that if practicing dropped magazine reloads, the top round doesn’t pop out of the magazine. No more chasing rounds around the floor. Once again, saving time and allowing more repetitions of the drill.

In the event the dangerous situation occurs where a live round, or rounds are mixed into the practice routine Rack Buddies provide an extra layer of security by not allowing rounds of any type to enter the chamber.

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Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × .75 in

9major/.38 super, .40/.45 ACP, 9 Small

Pack Size

5 Pack, Single


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